"Der Tod in Venedig" (Italy)'2016
9 tracks, 65 minutes, CD, matt 4 panel digipack A5
Macabre synth / Cold necro wave / Experimental
Here we have a unique release - reissue of the long sold out album, so unusual that its extravagance can only compete with the cause of such a collection of rare compositions. The album title sounds a bit pretentious, but it has very few lines of contact with famous literary and cinematographic sources. "Death in Venice" refers to the famous "Island of the Dead - San Michele", the necropolis, privileged refuge for the dead of this city on the water. This place is famous for the numerous burial places of renowed artists, and already in the second number we meet one of the "Cantos" by Ezra Pound who found his last resort in this place. Free poetry of this eminent American rebellion has to be heard, not read... music as expression, words as echoes, spoken long time ago. The Italians will never disown their sacred and forbidden figures of their culture, and the third number features lines from the monster novel, the mystery novel, unfinished, interrupted by the author's death - "Il Petrolio" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Sound design, musical patterns, peculiar flow of images made of deadly techno rhythms and hissing layering synthesizer backgrounds. Spiral up further, another symbolic figure of Julius Evola is waiting for us. Text from the book "Meditations on the Peaks" disclosing the sacred symbolism of mountains as habitation of gods, where rulers and warriors go, where yogis achieve full liberation. The atmosphere is rarefied, so little oxygen that one has to breath deeply, feeling ringing in ears because of pressure, but the beauty has to overpower all unpleasant feelings. What next? The song with the same title as a theoretic book about suicide, we hear flappings of predatory owls in the night. From which world have these messengers come? Or was it a gondola that brought us to cypresses of San Michele? It's early to disembark, the rhythm pulls swings up and down, up and down. The original album is supplemented with three tracks, visions and insights continue. Charon hasn't yet received the payment for transportation, still lying under the deadman tongue according to the funeral rite...
Price: 13 EU / ltd.170

"Der Tod in Venedig" (Italy)'2016
9 tracks, 65 minutes, CD, cardboard sleeve,
herb liqueur 0,1 l / 43 % alc, stickers, postcard
Macabre synth / Cold necro wave / Experimental
Price: 20 EU / ltd.15

"Der Tod in Venedig" (Italy)'2016
9 tracks, 65 minutes, CD, matt 4 panel digipack A5,
herb liqueur 0,1 l / 43 % alc, stickers, postcard
Macabre synth / Cold necro wave / Experimental
Price: 25 EU / ltd.15

RYR "Shadow from all shadows" (Russia)'2016
9 tracks, 53 minutes, CD, glossy 4 sided didgipack
Apocalyptic industrial New chapter of the dark apocalyptic saga. Second part of the trilogy started with the album "Until the End of Time". Obscure transcendental atmosphere evolves in the new direction. Beton labyrinth provokes the visions of the supreme archetype, the war continues on the new level, echo rages in agony searching for the way out. Noise loops bring the altered state of cosciousness, trying to make out the difference between dream and reality, to find the secret door of all doors, to solve the Demiurge's second riddle. If "The end of time" was the beginning of the alchemy process, death of the world, a prophecy and a hope, then the "Shadow" is the red stage, the catatonic search in smoke and blood. Nostalgic madness, infinitely winding deja vu. We offer you to solve this puzzle, probably you've already heard all this long time ago... in another life... The album features contributions from ULTRAPOLYARNOE VTORZHENIYE and T-WALD.

Price: 12 EU / ltd.160

RYR "Shadow from all shadows" (Russia)'2016
9 tracks, 53 minutes, CD, glossy 4 sided didgipack, slipcase, 3 postcards, patch, sticker
Apocalyptic industrial
Price: 17 EU / ltd.20

RYR "Shadow from all shadows" (Russia)'2016
9 tracks, 53 minutes, CD, glossy 4 sided didgipack, 6 postcards, poster ?3, patch, sticker, pin, cardboard box
Apocalyptic industrial
Tribute to the movie (-)'2015
18 tracks, 100 minutes, 2 CD, 6 sided digipack
Bombastic martial/ Strange Neofolk / Weird electronic / Obscure ambient Ufa Muzak in cooperation with Anenerbe Music Club presents to all fans of epic, conceptual and electronic music this 2-CD album with a collection of tracks from bands from all around the world, dedicated to the film by Sergey Eisenstein "Ivan The Terrible" (1945-1958). Over 100 minutes of the most varied and interesting sonic palette present the contemporary soundtrack to the motion picture which is a milestone in historical cinema. Big and complex work which was never entirely finished (being shot during the World War II, 2nd part released many years after the first one, 3rd part remained only in screenplay, preliminary sketches and notes), containing mystical prophetic motives of the tragic role of the country at the crossroads of world history, offering most violent physical and moral ordeals. The very image of Ivan IV The Terrible, ruling Russia during 50 years in uneasy times, is very ambiguous and open for research, and at the same time it is a historical symbol of those times, inspiring not only science workers, but also artists to create works in honour of his name. Having this monumental picture created by the genious director, now the musicians make no less painstaking work to express the breath of those dark times, soaked in dissension, wars, tyranny, oprichnina and constant civil strifes. If you care about the history of Russia, history of cinema and its masterpieces, actual and thoughtful Industrial / Neo-Folk scene, be sure this album will bring a lot of pleasant surprises. The Word and the Deed. NOISES OF RUSSIA, AIN SOPH, L'EFFET C'EST MOI, TEATRO SATANICO, SCHRK, TSIDMZ, ZLYDOTA, LONSAI MAIKOV, PARZIVAL, DER ARBEITER, VIR', MOON FAR AWAY, NECROPHONIX, REL', BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, NEVOD, ANENERBE MUSIC CLUB, SPECTRE
Price: 17 EU / ltd.300

12 tracks, 63 minutes, CD, 8 pages booklet
Combative martial industrial / Neoclassic
Ladies and Gentlemen, UFA Muzak presents you the fresh almanac album from the new names of the European industrial underground. This recording features a dozen of chapters comprising musically and artistically all the important events in history, politics and economy from the traditional point of view of these artists who give special meaning to their work. You will have the complete image of aesthetical and cultural movement, inalterably keeping the idea of resistance against the modern decay, which, we have to say, increases its power and scale with every year. Back in 1938 Julius Evola wrote in German press, that a European started with eliminating the hierarchy inside of him and used his freedom for spiritual destruction, and only then called these phenomena of decline and decay with such innocent words as "progress" and "democracy". The music of these projects loudly claims one should not forget about the spiritual factors of the real European Unity which is now subsituted by such an absolutely degenerating market phenomenon as European Union. The album is split in three parts and each of them brings its own colour to the whole picture. J ORPHIC: Epic symphonic aquarelles of the various chapters of history in periods of especially solemn, triumphant and critical moments. As if you're in the Vienna Opera caught by fire, but the concert doesn't stop until the last line is crossed. EPOCH: Plunges you in a constrained world of hypnotic techno rhythms combining melodic anxiety with looped orders / incantations. No concession to the New World Order! The head is swirling of stupefying adrenalin raising its amount in blood. TSIDMZ: Here oriental tunes melt incredibly with waltzes of the previous century and clash of the cavalry timpani. Restless whisper spells the possibility of the Fourth World War amidst the unstopping mechanichal rattle. Despite of using the whole pleiad of sonic colours, "Unsere Weltanschauung" sounds as a united whole, and it offers some surprises even for the very experienced genre addicts
Price: 11 EU / ltd.300
KRIEGSFALL-U (Hungary)'2015
8 tracks, 35 minutes, CD, 6 sided digipack
Martial industrial
We give you a ticket of the Hungarian cult, to go to the place where the heart of all disasters is born, where the multi-ton door reminds of heaviness of a zinc coffin. Frosty wind of lowlands will find with it's tongue the salty traces of secret guards, as everything contains a part of everything. Emblems of sorrow are not erased from those walls and black feathers covered the nearness of His eyes. Raw, rough, underground martial industrial of the old school here rumbles like an obliquely moving armored truck, we see only the tracks of its crawler chains, creeping away in a symmetrical crown. Acrid sounds of smoke cover the speakers alignments with its tails; blood, sweat and tears expectorated by the choked narrow radio channel. Unintelligible commands are quotations, and code names are the ciphers of keys to the citadel towns. Exclusive reprint of the very limited second self-release of these Hungarian traditionalists. This is not the material to fill the charts of the independent media. No sentimentality and sweet melodies, only overdrived feedback background and combat-ineffective rhythm. Despair and hastily hidden fear, just dried uniform, rust stuck in a crossroad of damnations and incantations. Bloodcurdling slow roar, a kind of music a blind monk can play on a cemetary of eternally disabled tanks. The adequate art for the twilight of days. Inspiration from knowing the lies of all augurs. "Giver of all things faire, but fairest this of all thy gifts, nor enviest. I now see Bone of my Bone, Flesh of my Flesh".
Price: 12 EU / ltd.200
In Memory of Hermann Hesse" (Russia)'2014
9 tracks, 45 minutes, CD, 6 panel cardboard package
Symphonic ambient/ Neoclassic
The album dedicated to Hermann Hesse opens like his book, from the very first lines inviting to the inmost fabulous world of his impetuous imagination, intellectual fiction tightly related to the moments of his own life. Hesse set himself against the society and was running from it into his dreams, in journeys, in complete dissolution in nature which was the confirmation of the existence of God. He couldn't imagine life without creativity, having truly healing force, being able to bring up a personality, giving answers to the essence of things. Hesse wrote about that in his last philosophical surrealistic novel "The Glass Bead Game", in which an order of intellectuals invents the universal art influenced by Buddhism and mathematics in addition to music. Like in the aesthetics of Romanticism, kept up by the German classic, the idea of progress and civilization is opposed by returning of a human to the roots of nature, so in the music of T-WALD one can hear quiet whisperings of wildlife spirits, always having a powerful impact on the ability to create. The album touches the key points of the writer's world of imagery. Deliberately quiet recording prepares the listener for the attentive contemplative mood, in which he would open again and again the faery grottos inviting to take a rest in each of them, being imbued by the magic. Light weightless melody, like a breath of wind from Bodensee, carries long faded smells, voices, rustling of leaves and splashes of water from the past. There is no return, the only thing left is the book read long ago and buried in a pile of dry leaves, and the eternal music in a long abandoned empty house. "Oh, was not all suffering time, were not all forms of tormenting oneself and being afraid time, was not everything hard, everything hostile in the world gone and overcome as soon as one had overcome time, as soon as time would have been put out of existence by one's thoughts?"
Price: 11 EU / ltd.300
ARGENTUM "Ditirambos al dios de la Guerra" (Argentina)'2014
9 tracks, 40 minutes, CD, 4 side digipack
Martial industrial/Neoclassic/Ambient
The album full of colossal admiration for the Greek pantheon presented by the cult band Argentum. Overwhelming hymns with lyrics in Greek language, infused as components in an alchemic retort, only to make an unforgettable impression. Music is a secret way to Homer's "Iliad", Ovid's "Metamorphoses", to Aeschylus and Hesiod, to the mythological Olympus, the sacred mountain, the place of residence of the gods headed by Zeus. During the Great Dionysias in Athens choirs if singers dressed in goat skins were singing hymns - dithyrambs accompanying dances, and so the album if full of wine and hop spirit. Drunken satyrs with tails and goat legs carry old Silenus on a donkey, a wise teacher, to the sounds of flutes, pan-pipes and timpanis. The Agrentinian project's music opens slowly, moving from majestic hymns to resilient electronic rhythm, from conspiracy to Hercules, to the Orphic spells, to Zeus, from life to death, from pain to ecstasy. The Olympians pass in front of us and glorify their power, interwining Futhark and Ancient Greek, symbols of war and improving the magical experience, animal and divine nature
Price: 12 EU / ltd.400
"UNITAS" (Hungary)'2013
7 tracks, 36 minutes, CD, 6 side digipack
Martial industrial
Martial industrial. Ufa Muzak proudly presents the full-length original split release by the first class bands from the Eastern Europe. A monolythic fusion of two forms of the traditionalist force. In their stone crypts, ancient kings roll their long beards over one hand and raise petrified swords by another. Once ultra-limited release now presented in a new quality format in a glossy digipak. Time runs with different speed, and their minute equals a century, but the breath of bones doesn't break the connection with an ancient clan. Splendid restless tracks by Kriegsfall-U like cups are filled with premonitions of the forthcoming danger, they thunder with marching drums and implode with shouts of orders. Sound of horn and weapon clatter, marble face, slow ritual and young blood soaking the cuirass. The part of Kraschau pays respectful homage, sharing in half light and darkness, melody and noise, their ascetic approach to music is moderate and austere. In a cave amidst stalactites and bones the golden crown is wrapped in a decayed coat, eternal damnation is the price of entering here. Taste the liquor cooked by a sonic union of the Hungarian magicians, touch the peculiar consciousness, the value not posessed by time but by what is called an artifact in "troublesome" times.
Price: 12 EU / ltd.500
"Avangardia Rumorista" (Italy)'2013
9 tracks, 44 minutes, CD, 4 side digipack
Martial industrial/Neo folk
The Italian division of totalitarian art ministrels presents an integral conceptual program embracing the most striking moments, testaments, dates and personal fates of the last century. Each track is a separate chapter, separate piece of art, immerging into uneasy retro atmospheres of the last century. The musical part of this album represents a whole variety of performers and musical styles. From traditional songs and bombastic battlefield canvases to sad and quiet departures that help to understand deeper those restless times. Special focus is made on funeral theme, both as a point of no return and as a symbol of lost hopes. Prayer of the Italian fascists, testament of Magda Goebbels before the tragic finale in the bunker, German funeral march "Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden", and traditional Sicilian march of death - all can be found here. Though this is not sombre and sepulchral music, but rather inspiring and frantic hour-long song. Mild baritone voice sinks in the monotonous drone of fields fuming after air bombardments. From the shattered ditches and infantry defences the praying voice will rise again, now in English, slowly crumpled by the patter of new legionnaires and mechanical noises. "Mother Of Death" runs the show, red colours of "The New Force" draw to stand up in close rows again and again, both alive and dead, for the final part, the great energies of the earth glorify the cult of machines and endless wars, turning into one dynamic line, just like on futuristic paintings. Corrazata Valdemone are neither politicians, nor militarists, they don't start wars and don't appeal to anything, this is just their aesthetic feeling which we can fully enjoy here.
Price: 12 EU / ltd.500
RYR "Until the End of Times" (Russia)'2013
10 tracks, 46 minutes, pro-CDr, 6-sided cardboard cover + postcard
Apocalyptic military industrial
Black archangels, twisted in the air in the form of a swastika, how much time do they whirl, but - a single moment - and their skeletons like spikes are put over the ruined city. Vision as a kind of hypnotic dream isn't available for anyone, their eyes will see the complex pictures of destruction. Distraction from life, few steps ahead, inaccessible to mortals, dream unfolds like a flower. Cities, woods and rivers, industrial zones, warehouses and stations - they are, and at the same time they are not - the fire wave from space covers everything to turn it into dust. The newest album of the project opens the spiritual ties that hindered unclear presentiments and suspicions. The inner castigator comes with bright light, so that every gap is opened. Alchemical curses in mirrors, micro frequencies emanating from dolmens, inaudible words of exhumated bones of the kings, vellums with secret maps falling to pieces, coldness of the crypts of the noble families, sounds of atonal music in the desert and ancient dreams of cursed monks exiled from the temples. No sentiments, only strict bridges of stone rhythms and hammered towers of noise breakdowns. Fragments of the said gliding in eternity in the total flow, as last documents of the died world. Dark concentrated atmosphere, not calling to any senses, only silence and awe
SVA BATTALION "Mein Abgrund" (Russia)'2012
9 tracks, 35 minutes, CDr, 6-sided cardboard cover + sticker
Dark ambient / Noise
Last album of the project, not big in content, but capacious in meaning, a sad harbinger of dark social events. The "visiting card" album for the visions of the future, clearly shown in a graphic illusion on a cover. The subtitle for this piece in five acts can be the sentence from the booklet: "Recurrence of civil war, that's what awaits us". The agony of the society, right-wing reation, guerilla warfare, traditionalism, a century of terror, the state machine, censorship of knowledge, repression, prisons, explosions - these concepts came to author while composing this album. Musically it's restrained and cold and can create the feeling of detachment, but this is just an appearance and a condition of the avantgarde genre. Rumbling storming squall noising out the background events changes into calmness leading the ship of despair upon the waters of Styx. Timelessness and idleness serve as punishment, the spring is stretched to the limit. History repeats itself!
Price: 9 EU / ltd.98

9 tracks, 70 minutes, pro -CDr, digi ?5
Apocalyptic Heavy electronics / Military ritual
You enter into the territory of thin ice, this is very dangerous, bu there's no other way. Under the fragile surface flow the blood red myths of recent wars. This is the road of memory and oblivion, one wrong move - and everything's covered with crackles, cold cruel abyss breaks its veil and grins in devourment into the worlds of outlived horror. The duo of two musicians scattered in different parts of the world, but united in single unlta-cultural reality - loaded like ammunition with echoes of mysteries of armed conflicts, thus entitled as "Baptism of Fire: The Last Battalion". The repertoire of the dark noise is inspired by the secret concepts from nazi UFOs to mystical texts of Miguel Serrano and Mahabharata to the cult of Aztec idols of Quetzalcoatl and Miktlantekutli. During more than one hour of very disturbing and hateful atmosphere consisting of dark noise, sounds of war and cold drones, you will experience discomfort and fear. It is these feelings, messengers of any struggle, are the doors through which otherworldly forces permeate. Their goal, like of any lower elementals, is to use the situation for their own benefit and direct actions to further collapse. Be careful - the Excalibur, the legendary sword, comes back again from the lake, a mysterious hand of its mistress is cut off, the crystal tomb of its owner is broken
BLOODSOIL "Domination" (Spain)'2012
7 tracks, 50 minutes, pro-CDr, 6-sided cardboard cover
Martial industrial
Grandiose album of a Spanish project, an official document of political and aesthetic position, musical statement of the eternal principles. Images of the past and the future overtaken by war, by eternal opposition in attempts of consolidation of the new truths. What can be considered as a renewal of tradition? The old and irrelevant, being just a form without content, or a revolutionary view opposite to engrained order? Fire from explosion in an orchestra pit licks wooden partitions separating the pit from the stage, damaged instruments make crooked squeaky sounds, the curtain is slowly caught by fire, the audience tries to get outside, but the doors are barricaded and only fists puching the doors add more chaos to the situation. There are VIP guests in the crowd, surrounded by security, but noone can hope for the happy end. Hands with weapons seen in the mass of people, sounds of shots and the enemy is down, no agitation, payment for the few - hundreds of innocents. These are the sounds of a symphony of a take-over. Sounds of triumph, sounds of history and sounds of mourning.
Price: 10 EU / ltd.166
SCHPERRUNG "HVOR" (Ukraine)'2012
9 tracks, 36 minutes, pro-CDr, 6 sided cardboard cover
Black shoogaze / Drone doom
Once comes a day when everything goes away - drowns in red and apeears the pulse overgrowing even the deafening heartbeat, this contrasting sole-coloured background presses without relief, penetrates blending with blood and something nonmaterial. This critical stage of dissolution can last forever, until Saturn, the 6th planet from the Sun, starts to budge from its orbit. Until this moment you can wait infinitely long, making your way through the narrow steppes down to the depths of your secret cave. This scarlet album of the Ukrainian project Schperrung is dedicated to the permanent state of beclouded mind, these heavy minutes filled with doubts, sweat and screams squeeze out something incredibly beautiful and dark. The beauty of suffering is praised by this music which can't be characterized by any known style. Ringing spheres of overdriven electricity, remote clatter, feedback, delay, unintelligible voice of the leper. The new Middle Age suggests bloodletting to be cured from the disease
Price: 10 EU / ltd.100
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"When gods walked the earth
Awakening the antediluvan archetype" (Serbia)'2012
8 tracks, 52 minutes, pro-CDr, 8 sided cardboard cover
Heroic / Mythical sympho neoclassic ambient
Human history is not what is seems for the majority of modern people today. There's no evolutionary and progressive history of development. The primitive modern science can only suppose that it all started about 8000-6000 years B.C. The raven darkness of this delusion is penetrated by other theories which may seem to be completely fantastic, talking about cyclic models of development. 10.000 years before the Common Era humanity was at the peak of cosmic growth and highest development. All myths and heroic eposes, ciphered and allegorical, tell about that times. In those times there was a different race on Earth, now we call them Gods. The great ancestors built gigantic cities, they were developing and lived according to the highest wisdom. This race was certainly of cosmic origin, and they laid the foundation of the whole history on this planet. There were humans like us too, who lived in the same time with the highest creatures, the Gods, and received knowledge from them. First kings described in ancient myths were the offsprings of the Gods - they belonged to the other level and deserved complete worship. Their power allowed them to reach the highest spiritual state, the biggest progress of science of much more absolute character, to build the cities of unseen constructions. The power of human beings came from the Gods who gave them self-consciousness and combined their fate with their own great fate and goal within the Universe. It started 200.000 years ago. Majestic, triumphant and cryptic album of the conceptual project Arkhaion opens up slowly and calmly like movement of a huge body in cosmic space. Everything is undisturbed and grandiose, white light divides in spectral colours and the micro-symbol starts rotating, a mandala containing the new model of the Universe. Ambient and symphonic structures repeat the process of matter efflux from the stars. Immersion in music is like obtaining wings for a short time enough to see the fabulous picture from the bird view. Genetic memory will allow only a few to dive deeper into the visionary space of the Ancient and live some more time there.
Price: 11 EU / ltd.150
"Crime in your flesh and other sad story"
6 tracks, 30 minutes, pro-CDr, standart jewel box and 6 sided booklet
Crime dark jazz / Somnambulic post punk
Ufa Muzak invites you to spend one day in a night club. This is not a regular drunk day for relaxing your nerves and bringing mind in productive readiness for the next week, no, here you will find not the usual omnipresent lines in menu of a classic respectable house, here something should happen, something maybe not unimportant, but significant. Draw attention to the people hidden in clouds of blue tobacco smoke, if you recognize them, then you understand there is a reason for you to be here, and even a business card with golden embossed letters looks like an object of decoration. Music flows like spring water in a silver cup, like this new harmony one can trace the radiuses of movements of thin rouged lips, or maybe a mirror on a wall hides a new deception. Italian speech, illegible words, at that table, fine drunk speech of the members of the musical decadent opera of MMM, they don't care of broken glasses or slipped up shirts, opening paintings on a skin - yes, they make sense for those who understand. But here are other people, their names are like strokes of dark blood, unknown, pictures of burning passports, files not found, special department for the issues of especial importance, Anenerbe Music Club. Nice people in suits with burning cigarettes and guns, jazz syncopes, lights fade out slowly, it all starts soon..
Price: 10 EU / ltd.500
T-WALD "Luzifers Hofgesind" (Russia)'2012
9 tracks, 52 minutes, pro -CDr, 4-panel cardboard sleeve + transparent film insert.
Esoteric dark ambient
The new album of the project hiding behind the new mask, but not losing the mystic connection with the mythological codes of the North. In this new album the author's talent discloses the themes of authors-avatars of occult researches of the origins of "forbidden magical belief". Sounds that seem infinite flow, but they can't fill up the magic cup reflecting sunrays with gold. It exists, and at the same time it's just an illusion used to braid the false myth to protect the truth from pharisee's hands. T-Wald invites to visit its artificial forest maze, but the golden thread of Ariadna is too thin to follow it and find the way out escaping the face of the Beast. This is an action where meistersang, creator of this sound lithography of the sacred Lucifer, makes hommage by concluding the vassal agreement between this and the other worlds. Slowly, silently falls the curtain, but before that important things should happen, don't miss them.
"Formation non-death" (Russia)'2012
8 tracks, 52 minutes, pro-CDR, 4-panel cardboard sleeve + sticker.
Apocalyptic industrial noise/ Post-military ambient
"The one who discovered the knowledge of death too early will not be able to close oneself to it..." The album "Formirovanie Ne-Smertiya" ("Forming of Non-Deathness") is a profound Decree of Peace, where death acts as an anonymous party, a path for the chosen and obsessed ones, near the walls which noone should break, because what lies beyond them is not for humans. The front localizes souls, depriving their carriers of all that belongs to those left after the war, so the game rules mean something different here. Both stake and gain in this game are unknown. About the album. Roughly sewn from the skins by coarse sinews of corpses, digged out from the desecrated mound, all in soil and slimy swarming worms, it was confiscated and brought to the autopsy table, this mistake was understood and even the most faithless ones crossed themselves, they filed it under "music" and hid themselves to wait for the darkness cherishing a dream of self-asphyxia. A host of screams, yells, wailing, praying, groan came out of the mortuary with the songs of this Russian project. Rough heavy slabs of ambient, noise and post-industriall fall over one's head leaving no room for doubts "if hell really exists?"
DOR "Something without name"(Russia)'2012
7 tracks, 50 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a postcard.
Power electronics / Angst pop / Shoegaze
Entering the forbidden territories can turn into nothing but total change. Returning into habitual environment is a catastrophic experience, strongest shock of striking difference. Familiar things, people, feelings, dreams turn out to be covered with thin layer of rot and decay. Time of absence turned into "time" of instand death, past and future combined in a dead-end, hidden from the visible existence, and everted to destroy everything completely. If once you touch this hardly visible gray mirage, the objects and forms of living and non-living nature turn into cloud of ashes. That's exactly why there are only two ways: do not enter, or do not return. The second album of DOR presents the radical view of another world. This is not the complete oblivion of the present, but already highly intensive attention to those who stayed at this side. Hammering as pales for the construction of huge columbarium with thousands of non-existing names, philosophic shots, tracks of this album call in there. While listening to them one has to concentrate not to be carried away...
Price: 9 EU / ltd.120
8 tracks, 43 minutes, 4-panel sleeve with a film insert.
Ritual industrial / Apocalyptic avantguarde.
Coming to the last point on Mercator's map, to the deeply hidden mountain of Meru. Everything ends and starts again. Two twilight projects present the last chapter, which has bound with a fine thread the encrypted numbers, from 1 to 50, and created the trajectory on an invisible map between the poles. In the foundation of the swastika-like pyramid, in the center, embossed ias an ornament locked inside itself like Ouroboros snake. The relict radiation here reaches the maximum level of spectral power illuminating background body covered with runes. The polar night of supernova stars lays out the white continent in parts, ready to accept the "Highest Unknown Ones". Silence lit only once by a giant of KV III spectral class, creating the "moment of history end". Apollo's chariot explodes with swan-like projections and moves behind the boundaries of Borea, crumbling in huge celestial statues of Aryans. The hyper-speed of Big Bang repetition inversely recreates the cosmological model of the old Universe, for everything to remain in memories, here, after the end. The sonic radiation of the album is filled with retrospective sounds of the past and breaking through the dark matter of present mechanical outrage of infernal future. The last chapter of the polar trilogy, the symbolical point - year of 2012. "The path is inside of you"
BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK "Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers:
La Mission Secrete du Baron Sebottendorf"(France)'2012
13 tracks, 70 minutes, 6 panel cardboard sleeve.
Military pop / Ethereal neoclassic
We present the fundamental work by the French musical formation completely dedicated to the mysterious personality of Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf and his work "Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers" published in 1925 in Germany. One of the founders of powerful secret organisation "Thule Society", a member of Turkish masonic lodge "Order of Rose Wreath", a numerologist, an occultist, a Sufi practicioner with misty entangled fate - he fits very well for a subject of detailed study, and one of the forms of it is this album. Musically, you'll hear one of the most powerful combinations of martial, neoclassic and ambient. From the very first seconds it goes deep in the significant years of the XX century, grandiose flashes - slices of troublous times, exotic geographic locations, dangerous people, occult-war intrigues and famous mystical German movement. Walls of heavy drones, explosive drumming and songs of dervishes, sublime samples of classics and dark rhythms encoded by electronics, a whisper from the other world, making heart beat high. During all the long and comprehensive material there is an intuitive investigation of entangled weltanschauung of "the baron", a combination of sufism, masonry and aryosophy.
Price: 11 EU / ltd.400
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GANZER "Omega point" (Russia)'2012
6 tracks, 33 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a rope and sticker.
Apocalyptic black harsh shoegaze
Apocalyptic black harsh shoegaze. Along the metal walls of a small room slide the long shadows like interwined snakes. But there is nothing here and never have been, in this hazardous organic environment existence is impossible. Temperature heats up and steam swirls in white clouds. Gnash comes from the cracks in the floor and ceiling, someone tries to penetrate from the outside and strikes with great force with large-tonnage constructions. Sometimes noise becomes unbearable and the room shakes from waves of sonic pressure. Weightless like vapour this album of Ganzer streams from long huge rusty pipes randomly thrown on the ground. This hot smoke clogs the throat and tears the lungs. There is movement inside the pipes, soon it should come out. Half an hour of heavy waiting, listening deeply the harsh splashes of noise. The device indicator shows the way. There is nothing and has never been, in this metal box, in this prison, only an embossed inscription on the wall: your name and two dates, of your birth and your death.
Price: 9 EU. / ltd.LXXVII
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ARGENTUM "Aguilas de libertad" (Argentina)'2011
15 tracks, 60 minutes, CD, cardboard sleeve ?5 + inserts
Military pop/Neo Folk/Neoclassic/Post rock
Inner history which existence has never been documented becomes especially clear once in a thousand years. Its laws and principles written in blood in its origin are much older than any existing religion or political idea. Everything which contains there has highly explosive nature for a contemporary world order. Cause-effect relationship of terroristic attacks, wars, economical crises, religious faction, new viruses, become useless. They change their poles and at this moment that which was black becomes white, and that which was white becomes black. This is not a state of crisis, this is an ultimate end, even when death is more worth than living. Argentinian project Argentum in its album "Eagles of Freedom" wipes the dust just from several dreadful pages before which the sunshine fades and other, hidden glow starts its cold action. Musically the album is very laconic and simple. But this simplicity is imaginary and in one hour the wideness of presented material becomes visible. Symphonic backgrounds, clear vocals, electronic loops, acoustic guitar passages, calm rolls of disturbing drums, "empty" tracks of light flight. In the whole picture every moment of the disc becomes a link leading to the one goal. Music for the Triumph of the Spirit and Freedom!
Price: 11 EU / ltd.500
mp3 mp3
"ROA : Live in Yaroslavl" (Russia)'2011
1 track, 29 minutes, cardboard sleeve + 2 cards
Drone ambient noise
Ufa Muzak presents the new release made after a gig happened on April 15th, 2011 in Yaroslavl, Russia. This disc contains the full fragment of performance of the Moscow based project Dasein. This is cold, evil, but inwardly bright noise blast in space where it swooned for the purpose of examination and understanding. More than half an hour of powerful furious flow inside of which happens nothing that can be marked as usual or trivial. The projects nature of sound immediately brings the listener into an altered state of mind. The heartbeat quickens, the visual acuty increases, the level of adrenaline in blood rises, all hearing is focused on the psycho-physical affect and soon one looses his orientation in time. What is it needed for? The specific historical moment is taken as a concept of this action, and for deeper understanding of its essence we present this experience of taking the thinking from the objective reality in deep movements of the past. "Bayonets into the ground!"
Price: 9 EU / ltd.88
TSIDMZ "We are time" (Italy)'2011
5 tracks, 34 minutes, pro-CDr, A5 cardboard sleeve.
Apocalyptic ambient shoogaze / Drone doom
A release with otherworldly genealogy. A new chapter in tearing the fabric of the sonic field. TSDIMZ - the Italian project of apocalyptic noise art. Events happening in some hermetic space, noone can change the importance of their impact on the chain of things happening outside. Faces gleam in memories and prophetic dreams of all mediums and prophets. They can't help in any way, because the arms of the Highest ones are unbound and spread over those lowered in extatic grief and admiration on all squares in all countries. From the Arctic center come the waves of power flow, its sonic reflection puts into the state of imminence of forthcoming Storm. Recollections of strangers recorded on old tape. Meditative connection with the point of eternity. Musically and ideologically similarity with Turbund Sturmwerk. Austere chapters in the federal book of Memory.
TRANSISTORWALD "Sleeping Eiktyrnir" (Russia)'2011
8 tracks, 45 minutes, pro-CDr,6 panel cardboard package
Aryasophic dark ambient
His haunting sight appears and disappears in perspective, the air is filled with foreign presence. In a dream you enter their eyes and become their essence. Here's a snowy road trampled by footsteps, emergent lines of blood deceive and breath of the beast becomes heavy and frequent. Tree branches are so low, darkness looks out with shadows from holes. Hunter and prey are merged, their transformation slows down to reach the last apogee and burn away. Symbolic hunt has happened. Those who played their roles don't exist, but reality prompts with symbols that this was a special dream. The Transistorwald project is a dash of refined hearing, sight and smell of that place where everything happens again and again. In order not to lose the way fire will bring you to secret places of exceptional unconsciousness. One returns altered from there. Long like slow waves of a subterranean lake, melodic elements of Transistorwald are the new tales about old, told without words. Whistle of cold polar night, whisper of trolls, undead warriors lying in hills, girls' laughter coming from water, wicked old woman in a house and above all this - radiance of galloping stars.
HWR/HATEKOD "Totenmarsch / anti-NWO" (France)'2011
10 tracks, 45 minutes, CDr, A5 cardboard cover, insert
Martial industrial ambient / Postmortem power electronics
Martial industrial ambient / Postmortem power electronics. Conspiratorial underground. Red light illuminates the hands. Faces covered with masks. The noise of heavy leather shoes. Cloths with images of old symbols on the walls. New secret fire is modelling in front of their concentrated eyes. Echo is heard through narrowed consciousness - an old German song. Split of two clandestine projects from France, a pile of black & white photographs scattered on a table: archive and modernity. H.W.R. - wakeful ghosts of the past, in absolute silence, on the places of old battles, they come out and become visible. Old discoloured uniform with hardly seen badges, pale hair and faces, whisper. Hatekod - fragments of modernity where the idea spreads turning into growing red branch on a map. From a screen hissing with snow shows up the footage of streets drenched in blood and houses with forbidden symbols drawn. Dark, malevolent and hoax filled audio document, a deadly strain transmitted in encoded form.
Price : 9 EU / ltd.131
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DOR "Life in Russhausen" (Russia)'2011
8 tracks, 45 minutes, CDr, 8-page cardboard booklet
Power Electronics
Boundless distance of dark areas, corridors, side streets, bottomless niches. Catacombs of endless labyrinth, suppressing with monumentality of its cruelty. Everyone who is here feels horrifying despair, because this territory is not somewhere outside, it is inside of people. Those who are entrapped, beaten and humiliated. Who lives in a country where treachery and violence has become the basis, where all human rights are defied, and there's only one freedom left: survival and slave submission. The project of harsh analogue anti-music in Power Electronics style, presents its requiem suite of the basics of people's structure resulted in a formula: "Hate your neighbour as yourself". Eight tracks of manic depressive convilsions. Sick therapy session either going to cure you, or plunge deeper in the abyss of the vicious circle. To all born in the period of new distemper. Russia is an ordeal.
Price : 9 EU / ltd.120
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"Distant shores of Hvetramannaland
A Tribute to Miguel Serrano"
(France / Argentina)'2011
8 tracks, 78 minutes, CD, A5 cardboard sleeve
Military Pop / Dark Ambient / Drone doom
We present this long awaited split album of awesome quality. One of the best releases of UFA Muzak corporation, hard and important for understanding and inner interpretation. The long monumental material of this otherworldly dedication to the most significant figure of mystical aryan movement consists of equal parts - contributions made to the full extent and dignity by French military ambient and Argentinian guitar drone noise. This album is like an initiation, to pass it through, listen and submerge in it, one has to have a strong will and true belief in immortality of human soul. Through noise, slavery and pain of this world belonging to the Tsar who captured souls in senseless and eternal circle, appear exceedingly delicate gleams of light, coming through into the continual space, these flamy messages of runic forms, true symbols against death and entropy. They exist, come through the chosen ones and represent the last hope. The voice of gnostic prophet Miguel Serrano is heard in sparse spheres, his speech is eternal, once said, wherever he is now. From the stars, it's breezing real all-penetrating cold...
Price : 11 EU / ltd. 500
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9 tracks, 50 minutes, CDr, cardboard sleeve ?5 + insert on transparent film
Martial industrial / Dark Ambient
The mysterious pre-execution rite has been done, no barriers left, only shadow left in this cell forever... Ryr and Transistorwald - preparation for something not coincidental. Borders passed by wanderers in black uniform, they took cover where no living will ever be. The pits are dug out and immersion of symbolical artifacts is finished with vein bloodletting. Sturm music, goes out of line without accompaniment, with the sound of needle cutting a plate. His eyes are covered with soil, but he breathes deeper and stronger than those who go, he believes. Inside the house burnt down just yesterday will pour stranger's guttural speech, a steel knot will be tied in the heart. Befor the taste of lead bullets and ground line riddled with tank dead grids there's a symbol of Ahnenerbe on yellow leaves. Weisthor whispers with fire and moves in a stream, in the place where he is. The earth is covered with ice on fire.
ERDLICHT "URLICHT : erster kreis" (Germany)'2011
11 tracks, 78 minutes, CDr, cardboard cover + 3 cards
Nordic Ambient
Nordic Ambient. Icy horizon, isolated and empty, no manifestation of life, it stays infinite and reachless, but this is just an illusion, a facet which will fall like morning mist. Like a drawing on glass, it takes a hot palm pulsating with living blood, and spreads with water carrying away the memories, words, never stopping, never ceasing. Spheric sound preserved in a glacier, runic prayer in front of horizon dying in flames, the Sun enlaces still visible silouettes with sine waves. Retreat and inclination of concentrated and peaceful consciousness to the ultimate secret land, radiating light mirages before dusk, even greater mystery behind them. Leviathan continues his way among the dark cold of depth, everything is silent and watching his movements. In this album of the German project ERDLICHT all valuable ingredients of his nordic ambient production are preserved: depth, expanse, colour. From sound devices elemental spirits appear in the air, and the story of their wordless speech will submerge you in bright and lucid dream. Be careful and don't believe them... P.S. This disk includes the original EP "Mitnachttrost", dark ambient with martial elements dedicated to Miguel Serrano, plus two previous albums "Erster Licht / Wilde Jagd" (Licht Und Stahl, 2009) and "Morgenrothe / Abendroth" (Tosom, 2009
Prive: 9 EU / ltd.120
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"...And Still Remain" (Germany-Italy)'2010
11 tracks, 60 minutes, pro-CDr, digipack
Neo-Folk / Military Pop
One day the city will surrender and new barbarians will come to pull most terrible crimes. The replete and refined culture will turn to nothing, to dust under the feet of ignorant conquerors. They will destroy everything that was accumulated and systematized by this civilization in centuries, in one night all monuments, paintings, books and inventions will be committed to eternal nothing. This happens all the time, because this is a part of life itself, like nature and the right for rough uncontrolled power. Then the barbarians will go away, leaving only remembrances, quickly erased by time, feelings hovering over the ruins..." The 40th release of the label is a collaboration of German and Italian artists. A deep cultural excursion into martial - neofolk - synthpop musical areas. Professional sound cultural cafe will give you the passes for solemn and Teutonic-like romantic ritual from Karma Marata. After a short rest on a glade, chest full of mountain air, burned by cold water, as if by enchantment you're invaded by warm and mysterious aromas of Corsica - Kristian Giorgini. Gentle vocals and staggering ecstatic electronics.
"Gott Erhalt's. Roman edition" (Germany)'2010
11 tracks, 60 minutes, pro-CDr, digipack
Martial / Neoclassic
The reissue of the best album of the German duo S&W is dedicated to honour the great European thinker - baron Julius Evola. His imperial superhuman ideas inspire those "last" people who still consider the traditional principles unbreakable. And martial industrial music scene honours his writings and contribution in the new conservative mentality against total bourgeois order. Steeping deep in the musical epic fields of the Aryan project we see a marching Roman column with a raised fascia, and through the rumble one can hear the roaring cry: "Going to death, we hail you!" On this album you'll find the rattling explosive martial with tragic neoclassic in vein of Von Thronstahl with lots of epic samples. "Romans had clear and aristocratic vision of the afterworld, very close to the spirituality of the "Olympic" type common for the period of all the great Indo-European civilizations. They did not fear death. They believed great men and heroes would have the priviledge of godlike and bright immortality..." - Julius Evola.

J ORPHIC "Cum Ipse Gratia" (Italy)'2010
11 tracks, 70 minutes, CDr, unstandart cardboard package with 3 inserts
Martial/ Neoclassic /Avanti !
Roman tsar, Pax Romana, the holy dictator Gaius Iulius: as a holy writer, hides behind our backs and we hear the secret hymns of the triumvirate. The son of Venus, million times slowed down in word and prayer - of colour and fall. Modern neoclassicism of J Orhic tells us, with the voices of the living party, that is not allowed to listen to by profanes. Minor tones of icy speech, neoclassical counterpoints and artificiality of sound. Industrial as an echo in the throne room where 23 stab wounds were given, and the walls changed the sound, coloured the length of parts with the amethyst spectrum. Imperium. Militaria. Ad extra.
Price : 9 Euro / ltd.120
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SCHATTENSPIEL "Schattenkrieger" (Germany)'2010
15 tracks, 70 minutes, CD-r, 4-side cardboard envelope A5 with burning insert
Neoclassic / Noir Industrial / Military Pop
Prologue. The scene's being filled with strange people, all covering their faces. The curtain trembles a bit, inviting into the mystery of dance decorated by fear. Hardly heard whispers, agitation and tension of a spring inside the audience, the way of blood will be started. We remember this mystery, we've heard all this in childhood. But who's the main character and what hides in his trickster soul? New German avant-guard theatre of post-industrial music invites to the hidden room of stylistic delicacies and a fad of soul movements. Collaborative artistic work of the musicians behind Schattenspiel, Igniis, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Art Abscons, Orpheus Enthroned. Tickets are sold out and burnt, no way out, only walls covered with brocade and someone's shadows on them. Epilogue.

"Omnia Vincit Mors" (Mexico)'2010
10 tracks, 72 minutes,CD-r, 4-side fullcolor cardboard envelope with poster A4
Apocalyptic noise/ Power electronics
Going wind in black pits, in ropes with no way out. This is the situation of reality. All of you are sitting tied to chairs, and information goes right in your brain. Abnormal, infinitely violent and compressed. Blood, lies, hunger, money. Smell of a burned human being and nature of depravity felt in killing fields. Bile of the world, in all corners of constant inconceivable depression. The project from South America presents an hour of music full of total strain and moral hardiness. This is not just noise in it's common form, this is a completely new level where this project exists, leaving behind all rivals. Prepare for adrenaline shock and remember - there's no way out. Escuadron De La Muerte is the music of crisis, all and everything, without an end.
Price : 9 Euro / ltd.141
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BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK"Wehrwolf Dharma" (France)'2010
10 tracks, 72 minutes, CD,sturdy 4-panel sleeve with an insert/jewel-box
Military pop/ Esoteric industrial
Military pop / Esoteric industrial. UFA presents a grandiose album by the French sound battalion BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK. This masterpiece is hard to file under a certain style, as they are so interwoven in music and can't be clearly defined. Ethnic elements, cimbals, shamanic singing, heavy drones, synth lines and lots of vocals blend together into an insane mix of apocalyptic, ritual and orchestral neoclassics. The album's concept is no less complex and sophisticated, it was inspired by the theories of Hans Horbiger and northern dark shamans cults. Spinning around the magic of seids and werewolf mysteries, the hidden plot of the songs tells us about the attempt to rewrite the history of Hyperborean race from the very beginning, from the fall of Thule legend. The ice-cold atmosphere of this album penetrates into the fundamental principle of a mystery, and the werewolf spirit sleeping in collective unconscious wakes up. BU ised in their work texts by J. Parvulescu, R. Howard, A. Rosenberg, M. Marmin (creator of "Greece" new right-wing group in France). The album contains tribute songs to Runes Order and Celtic Frost... Cold merciless ambience of a forest where secret is buried in soil itself, dark paths that protect and wreck, gibbous Moon singing silent songs... in darkness it starts the dreadful game of death, and the sound of broken bones and the wild howl of wolves become a new catastrophic believe.
Price : 11 Euro / ltd.200 (digisleeve)
10 Euro / ltd.300 (jewel-box)
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SINWELDI "L'Homme au coeur de fer" (France)'2009
13 tracks, 50 minutes,CD-r, 6-panel DIY-made digipak
Neo Folk/Military pop
32nd release from UFA is a folk-martial message from the French project Sinweldi. Politically incorrect and unambiguous. The utter questions of the lost mission of Teutonic chiefs. People among ruins in ice flames of tradition. Mystic law of territory of Ancient Europe. Holy regalia left and marked by that blood. Symbols and colours... In beautiful sound of French language and military atmosphere, in clear sound of acoustic guitar and various percussion all these themes crop out and become a normal reality again in this album of "A man with iron heart".


SPREU & WEIZEN / DER JAGER (Germany-Russia)'2009
4 tracks, 37 minutes, CD-r, 4-side fullcolor cardboard envelope ?5
Martial Industrial/Nordic Classic
The disc as one has doubled twice.There's nothing impossible at all.This is not a best time to explain why.Even if it'll end we'll wait.Chronometric,expected and diluted at a hand shake, self-occupied as a snow at the hand.There's a memory at clothes and chevrons, you're sitting down,slowing down, nothing, just echo,you weren't here.You can see your names among running river's waters...SPREU & WEIZEN - are the artistic revolutionaries of military sence,and DER JAGER - is the compensation of last years' sins, as ulcers,they're removable.Military humour,weapon laughter,reference to Odin, the most distant marching for the answer that could be told just by the trunk.Yeah, Freya skipping at eyes, and the beast is stealing about.Mystical martial classic is cutting the air,kneeled industrial is minting the words


HIERS XXVI "Seedlings. Poetry . Stahl" (Russia)'2009
22 minutes, 3''DVD-r, black carbdoard handmade + inserts
Death Industrial/Noise
Steel cold Russian winter crossed slits memory. Moscow recreates the project on the visual canvas this crosse, through interference, crunches and nodules, "sacrificial whirlwind of war", he prophesies a long and gloomy picture. Russian village in flames charred scraps ... unnecessary movements. 22 minutes overlap heavy sound and image.
Convulsions between the lines ...
Price: 10 Euro / ltd.41

KARJALAN TAZAVALLA "UHTUA" (?arelia-Poland)'2009
5 tracks, 54 minutes, CD-r,black carbdoard handmade digi-folder + stickers and cards
Death Industrial/Power Ambient
Karelian republic as Uhtian republic. Wonderful sonic document of the second "opus magnum" of this project from Petrozavodsk. This disc is a dedication to the Uhtian republic, which was founded in 1920-s in the northern Karelia and wanted to separate from Russia and become part of Finland. Two revolutionary revolts happened but were suppressed. This is history. During the running time of this disc you'll hear: iron walls of death industrial, cold currents of death ambient, and whisper of dark noise - this would most efficiently describe all the dreams that haunted the musicians during the recording of this material... Vainamoinen arises from Tuonela and warns people: don't make evil deeds and you won't be in that horrible situation where mean people are...

TRUART "Der Arsch Der Welt"(Ukraine)'2008
11 tracks, 54 minutes, CD-r, 4side panels envelope with shewron
Combative Industrial / Military pop
With great pleasure we present our new release from a Ukrainian genius of martial sound. Exuberant military drumming, archive voices, battle textures and the main thing - accordion, resounding with prowess over other sounds. Collosal energy is relieving with fire from the historical layers of time, and through pain, blood, sweat, tears and suffering we see the fighting heroic joyful Spirit of War, which is impossible to hide or conceal. It rushes and rattles - the spears of flags are rising high again. Nicht Kapituliren! 11 tracks, 54 minutes, 4-panel sleeve with a ribbon, full-colour print.

BUNKER / GORNGOLTZ "Ashes" (Russia)'2008
7 + 1 tracks, 35 minutes, CD-r, black glossy envelope with 8 page black & white booklet
Heavy Electronics
The Iron Birth of the new archetype pervaded before edge by memory about "good" times. Ashes in our blood is degenerated... sickness, hunger. Too late. Black as Hell BUNKER's work is a fury in burning captivity. 4 pulsing heavy electronics bullets. Nightmareish record. In vision of endless murder... defect tape... controled bile. GORNGOLTZ is asphyxiating gas noise... cut the vein... mass kill like cattle. 3 deep cuts. The secret burning pages of the terrible will.
Else more?
Price: 9 Euro / ltd.91
mp3 | mp3

"Empor Die Herzen.
A Tribute to St.Michael"
(Germany + Italy) '2008
10 tracks, 52 minutes,CD-r,6 side digisleeve
Neo Folk/Martial Industrial
Burnt bridges, hands in bloody water, eyes dropped, you can't lift the redden sleeves, amidst the burning land, bloody stains between us, holy spirits in iron betrothal of the unfading field: by weapon - by cruelty - by authority. Mystic folk, ecstatic martial and insane industrial have been crossed in this personified act of Germany and Italy. Non-official modernist calling and resume for the Christian figure of St. Michael. Post-historical approach to the timeless survey inside the military heroic tradition that survived over hundreds and thousands of years... The dragon should be killed, whatever it may cost! A beautiful example of European underground music + melodic and industrial anti-contemporary art. Free people against the World Order! The great tradition - the great path! The successors of pure art!

"Steel becoming" (Russia)'2008
7 tracks, 64 minutes,CD-r,Press on a transparent tracing-paper, jewel DVD box
Nordic Industrial/Combative Noise
There will be a day when some books will be burnt, and other rewritten. It will be a different language, of different people, not understandable for us, something completely non-verbal, related to the highest form of communication. When this language will sound, the mind will be silent, but the sense will come right into the heart. Noise is also a language, a different text, possible prototype or an echo, an attempt to transfer the knowledge to another level, to understand Thule. In ideological and musical ways the release of the new project from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, continues the line started by the first act - UFA01 ANTARKTIDA - the concentration of the Northern emanation: rough noisewaves, cryptographic industrial, technocratic power ambient.
Morose voice of Kaleuche.
Price: 9 Euro / ltd.88
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KARJALAN TAZAVALLA "S.L.O.N." / "S.C.O.T.S.P." - (Russia)'2008
3 tracks, 37 minutes, CD-r, external envelope is from black cardboard with the invoice under leather + sticker, internal envelope is from red paper
Death Industrial
The one from few the most brutal releases of UFA. Analog rough death industrial from Petrozavodsk (Russia). Powerful and cold theme is dedicated to first official genocide organ known as Solovetskiy camp of the special purpose. The black, rough and dead cloth of sound. The buried alive sing the lingering and sad song, beautiful and touching melody flow from tombs of necrological horror rumble and death... It is as if you drink water which poisoned by burial ground. "From many tens Soviet concentration camps Solovetskiy under the right could be considered as most severe, and his name covered with terrible glory. Located on islands of the White sea, on a line of a North polar circle, he was torn off not only from all laws of the country, but appear he was mockering and above all laws of humanity. So much life were not lost anywhere, the terror and more frankly arbitrariness was not stronger anywhere than here, anywhere was not more and more helplessly prisoners than on Solovky islands".

ZR 19.84 "NIHIL: Un Petit Rien" (Italy) ' 2008
10 tracks, 66 minutes, CD-r, non-standard envelope 15?15 centimeters.
Martial Industrial / Noir Folk
Italian "partisan" Rickardo Z. has given exclusively for ours label a completely delightful material of historical music and noisy rhythms. It in a maximum degree the symphony of regeneration and reanimation from ashes of ambassador-military occupation. You stand in the middle of the destroyed city, the death silence, crursh by a sound of broken patephone, plate stammers and hisses, you slowly get a pistol and shoot to yourselves in a head. World Depression. NIHIL. The style, which he presents, is original and practically there are no frameworks and paints in registration of a grandiose picture of post-modern militarism and surrealistic-romantic futurism. Dark predatory ambient, disappearing and from time to time shown noise, decadent noir folk, crushing by marches and weapon martial. All latent becomes obvious.
Fascinative music!
Price 8 Euro / ltd.141

IEROPHANIA " Post-Military chapter 2: Localization of fear (Russia) ' 2008
10 tracks, 67 minutes, CD-r, 6x panel envelope with the texts, made from a rough cardboard drawn by a cord
Noir Martial / Power Ambient
The project of military ritual chanson and occult blessing from Rostovs-on-Don have spread out on a bloody altar of the Great Black Mother the special mercury medicine. The effect constant of "restless presence" has given amazing result in an image of a new album: on trails of infinite war and through furnaces of true faith, to the greater acceptance Nigredo and incessant nervous pressure. It is a very serious album up to extreme limits. And it is necessary to listen to it standing, Without tears, without hysterics, without splits, having compressed in a fist all "human". Having washed, having dressed in clean clothes and having understood that the road back already no. The history already no. Through severe industrial form of steel sculptures of the past accept the fear as a duty, in blood now there is more IEROPHANIA. The group which to the full expressing "the mystery of Russian soul".
Light dies away, everyone leave ?
LES MORT SKIN "Provocative Aesthetics" (Bulgaria)'2008
9 tracks, 41 minutes, CD-r, colour cardboard envelope, insert
Heavy Martial Industrial
The second release of wonderful martial project from Bulgaria. Severe, strange, rushing, untelling, immensly desperate. This noise tells unverbal more about that war, about last Great War which has marked the end of times and a beginning untiming. A powerful sound, melodious soundscapes, front ambient, confusion and madness. Melodies lost in twilight, in a fog of days, infinite and ineffectual attempts to rise. One of most interesting materials, which beats out a chair from under legs. Hang, only 9 days, that HE has accepted your victim.
Price 7 Euro / ltd.121

IEROPHANIA "Post-military, chapter 1" (Russia) - 2007
1 track, 19 minutes, 3"CD-r, cardboard envelope ?6
Martial Ritual Industrial
"This track anticipates fullenght album "Post-military", and is thus both promo and single and exclusive track simultaneously. Recorded on April 25, 2007 and marks by itself radical crisis in sound philosophy of IEROPHANIA. Is characterized by low-frequency aggression, plentiful use of analogue shockingly not brushed sounding, every possible linear "clips", active white noise, overloadings and other preasure things. In his basis lay ritual sessions which have been spent by us on Northern city cemetery and in deserted railway depot. On ritual depth is, probably, best, that for today was made by IEROPHANIA. Above this track we worked in complete line-up. He was by expression of that condition of absolute despair, pain and hatred, which has taken possession by us after performances in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, when we have confronted with the general decomposition which has captured these cities" (information of the project) Malicious, orgaistic hysteria of a funeral cold and eternal darkness.
The world will die
H Y P E R B O R E A "Gibur" (Russia) - 2008
9 tracks, 39 minutes, CD-r, 4? the page booklet of a format ?5 from an invoice cardboard
Martial Industrial Avanguarde
Synergy of Polar Light-blue blood continues a road internal astral war of Hitler's era. The gods of 3-rd Reich have woken up and wait to put a correct question, to say a correct word, to find magic hyperborean sound. RYR this time together with the Tver project of a mystical fascism MORBUS MUNDI has presented a picture of creation of other spheres and other planes through a prism martial industrial, ritual noise, dark ambient, techno trance. The roaring and bewitching dance of ancient ice strums magic melodies skipping and rotating crosses whistle in air, the thunder and lightning is pulled out from luminous blood.
Shvabian side of ANTARKTIDA send to Ultima Thule on North and before us "secret ground" - HYPERBOREA. The place, where all will begin from a beginning.
"Hyperboreans, the White Gods, once will be from the Internal Earth, or will come back from stars on Bird-like Snake, on Gold Eagle in the Condor's Century, or on White Horse. They will arrive to direct us in the end of Kali Yuga and to specify a correct direction, that the terrestrial axis has come again in a correct rule, in stand after the events, which have shaken the world, with which this comes to an end of Manvatara, this consisting from four aeons a space age.
The poles will be then are again united"
GORNGOLTZ "ave totalitarismus" (Russia)'2007
5 tracks, 21 minutes, 3"CD-r, artful cardboard envelope, insert
Power Electronics
Brutal and evil power electronics from nazist and misanthrope. The curse, hatred, slavery, hopelessness, metal instruments of murder and rivers filled by empty hope. The domination of a Devil comes back in a channel. We are obliged to accept that we deserve, for the sake of what we shall be worship and kneeled as dogs, ready always to receive in teeth and pity moan - "Ave! ". Eulogy of totalitarism as sole way to say to herd: "Know your place". As a sole task to make last kind business for them, to force them to submit to the Master.
Skilful mastering from the project PUGNA.
Price 6 Euro / ltd.60

LES MORT SKIN "Front capacity" (Bulgaria)'2007
7 tracks, 36 minutes, CD-r, black cardboard, silk-screen printing by silver, insert
Martial/Death Industrial
LES MORT SKIN it is the side-project of Bulgarian power electroncs project CAVUM ORIS. Not departing too far in the party from the awful music he was set on martial-thematic conceptions. With specifically brutal sight and understanding he represents "Oskorei" on fields of modernity, as rumble where all burns down. On all the extent of an album under furious accompaniment of a metal roar, junk, crash stands a most dense atmosphere of ruthless collision of interests, where the fact of correctness is decided only by utter annihilation of one of the parties. It is which industrial symphony all is filled ?? century, great opera from sufferings, death, explosions, torturings. Fire poured blood, burning flesh, pain, gas and suffocation. Breaking, burning, blowing up metal, tons strewed with the sky, flying in heads, breaking a bones, destroying blood, metal how the reason? Paradox. Industrial.
Price 8 Euro / ltd.151

DER JAGER/RYR split (Russia)'2007
8 tracks, 41 minutes, CD-r, envelope from a cardboard, 2 inserts
Martial Industrial
"I never die" as a spelling pray to repeat about itself one thousand time, go forward and never receding to fall, to believe and to die. The support on an internal core it trust in impossible as the exact characteristic war, whose force consists in a choice sole of the correct decision: never to surrender. Two projects have given each sight in depth of kshatry spirit in times bearing true fire of victories, defeats and values inherent only in heroic life. DER JAGER the young project from Danilov city has created collage martial picture glorifying "Ewiges Reich" and his perfect on the cruelty and ruthlessness fall. His musical project has the precise purpose and orientation, is completely impregnated with ideology and politics. In the second part is connected RYR, where, proving the status he again brings a good portion of mysterious and solemn music of war. Here losses there are more, there is more search. "Save our dreams, that your world has not lost hope".

BUNKER "13" (Russia) - 2007
33 minutes, DVD-r, mini-DVD box drawn by a paper tape
Power Electronics
Video-line used on live 24/02/07. Staff not for over sensitive from film "Der Ewige Jude". The soundtrack consists of identical compositions which were executed, some tracks from "The First document" and new material. Atmosphere of total destruction, mysticism and war.
"Genocide: methodical destruction of ethnic group by destruction of her separate members" (Larus Dictionary)
5 tracks, 60 minutes, CD-r, interesting envelope A5 from cardboard drawn by a black sticky tape, insert, the first 20 disks with rentgen photo
Old school Industrial
One from owners of Saint-Petersburg's old school industrial Kirill Stoukaline, participant of legendary REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM, collaboration comrade of Alexandr Lebedev-Frontov (VEPRISUICIDA), on this compilation / album present the most various, complex and barbarous noise. Earlier material was realized by minimal circulation on MC's by ULTRA in 2001, but has not received due distribution. Analog raw record overflowed by existencial fear, presence and "Petersburg" microworld. Classical industrial of the first wave in a anarchi-fascist cocktail: famines, returning of a Myth and cultural crash. Through noise veil of compositions there pass themes "Moon's colonization by Third Reich", "illnesses of schizophrenia", "Stalin cults", "usurpations by Soviet totalitarism". The special texture peculiar to all early industrial, impossible ideologically to identify, so it is impossible as on this culture to influence. Human "masks", role in social games, types and "applicability"... Sole attempt to "survive" is be without a mask.
Price 7 Euro / ltd.113

ORTOKON "Destruction by a poisoning" (Russia) - 2006
5 tracks, 27 minutes, CD-r, envelope from a cardboard drawn by a cord
Power Electronics /Dark ambient
New noise project from Tolyatti represents 27 minutes of serious and dark material dedicated to Soviet correction(destruction)-labour camps of the last century. Ortokon - in translation from language of the small peoples of North of Eurasia means "burn out a site of ground". This word became main of the name Orotukan - settlement (506-th km from Magadans), formed forces made in polar those and inhuman conditions. Where, under the certificates few survived, the frozen corpses were used for imposing outside of a wall to be covered from a wind. Where the action of pernicious work is frequently indulgent finished an impatient bullet. Rough and spiteful noise with heavy bass sound of a rhythm, dirty and oppressing atmosphere of bestial horror and end of a limit of a human condition.
Death some more alive and life already dead.
Price 7 Euro / ltd.122

RYR "118. Hidden sword" (Russia) - 2007
6 tracks, 49 minutes, CD-r, colour envelope from a cardboard, 2 inserts
Apocalyptic Martial
"...The gods enter into the world, they come to battle to blind forces of Fate, to change them. They fights with Dragon and Bull. Actually with Demiurg, owner of this world. They either win, or become sacrifice victims. And in the beginning of each new Era, if we are capable to see further demiurgic shape, in Archetypes and Aeons, the latent message of Melancholy allowing him to shape the most powerful weapon that to open a road of clearing and an output from prison of Fate is periodically entrusted to the Hero. Archetypes carry in itself the message and break a cover from secret of a science, which allows to build a sword... "One more deeper, one more latent. An ambiguity. Through an alloy Martial Industrial and Dark Ambient building of a task to understand inexplicable. Presence of secret of a common European myth through concrete cut of a history passage. Thunder lasting layers of a sound, fragments last, overloaded memoirs, gloomy calling depths pulsing air of dream.

BUNKER "JAD-Vashem" (Russia) - 2006
5 tracks, 22 minutes, 3'CD-r, envelope from a linen cardboard.
Heavy Electronics
The second bestial clot of ruthless hatred from the project. Extremely gloomy, pressing and slow atmosphere immerses in the world forbidden tabuing myths. The forms of management, riddle, substitution, conspirology theory etc, all cover this subjects, for a long time name as "nazi", becoming a synonym "inhuman". But not all so it is simple, as try us by force to convince and I think this release will give an occasion to all wanted, to search for the answers to questions, which to set it happens simply dangerously in the pseudo-liberal state. "Yad-vashem is a huge memorial complex dedicated to memory of victims of accident European jewness during the Second World War, which in Europe name the Holocaust, and on hebrew "Shua". A memorial the prevention, which buildings are assembled from 6 millions (?) stones symbolizing these victims. The name is translated as a "Hand" and "Name", however on bible hebrew is one more meaning word the "poison", except for a word a "hand" - monume nt, memorial, tombstone. The name is taken as the citation from bible: "memory and name will stay in deeds of humans". 5 tracks aggressive and dark Heavy Electronics, 22 minutes densely filled by disgust and fear.

V/A NOT FOUND (Russia)'2006
10 tracks, 61 minutes, CD-r, mini DVD box with inserts.
Harsh Noise/Power Electronics
+ intro, outro
White is Black. Kind is Evil. Peace is a War. Freedom is a Slavery. The knowledge is Weakness. 8 Russian projects of extreme electronics will prove and will show "feedback" of this concepts. The power wave which is not having of analogues will confirm "inversion" in a head thus and having devastated its up to zero. Criminal as marginal concept of existence other will create perverted sight on a problem. After time you will understand, that all repeats, the examples appear by mistakes, senses by substitutions, the Devil will appear the God. Overcoming postmodernism as the act of art. Earblasting wave of sound harsh terrorism of a "white" side is replaced soothing and ,editative madness of a "black" side. Ending of the compilation has the special sense - ATTENTION - deenergizing owes is made only manually. Separate respect to the project's participants - remain and further severe and irreconcilable.
Price 8 Euro / ltd.101

IEROPHANIA "Ierophania" (Russia) - 2006
7 tracks, 60 minutes, CD-r, silver cardboard envelope with insert
Martial Ritual Industrial
Traditionalism, Power and Weapon in "athanor" of this post-industrial project from Rostovs on Don. Special kneeling before maximum Power creates confrontation against trite "NWO-world", the purposes are irreconcilable, and we should win. The people of "other type" enter struggle with an enemy, battling by his weapon. Creating a basis kulturkampf the industrial culture confirms the existence as bases of an opposition of "modernity and existence of struggle-life at any mode. 8 plays of martial soundscapes, metal percussion and aggressive nervous vocals create an atmosphere of curse, hatred and force. You should understand it. Find a vertical and enter war against the world of golems.

PUGNA (Russia)'2006
2 tracks, 39 minutes, CD-r, slim DVD-box with a postcard / insert.
Black Ambient
The ashes above ruins of city slowly downing, all is dead. The destruction became the new mother. The shadows died remain in a smoke of the post-military world undergone to bombardment, they dumb marks, that is it will be repeated again and again. The new project PUGNA ("beating") represents 2 grimly lifeless cloths, weaved from sounds of the electroguitar, vote, electronics and various effects. Ambient atmosphere of complete grief, dissapearence and emptiness. This cold remain with you for a long time...
Price 7 Euro / ltd.111

RYR "In the 117 Spring" (Russia) - 2006
8 tracks, 46 minutes, CD-r, unstandart layout, the first 46 disks covered with blood.
Apocalyptic Martial Avanguarde
The New chapter from RYR. War... Emptyness... Despair... Hope... A fog... Blood... A sight... A history... Fall... 117 steps... Downwards... 46 minutes of new experience martial atmosphere for the people which should know something greater and probably more terrible. An ambiguity of a situation stand doomed and fury, necessity to kill passes in a sole opportunity of existence. Deviation as a sight in eternal existence. The monuments remember it... In the musical plan album is very much different and sated. Distorted noise, military rhythms, ritual pulsatios, ambient landscapes. Besides classical for RYR smples here you will hear apocalyptic poetry on French, Russian, German, Swedish... The album begins with a vigorous hymn of "Union of the German girl", gradually drowned in shots, shouts and cry he comes to an end magnificent Grig's "Last Spring".

BUNKER/RYR "Dust"(Russia) - 2006
6 tracks, 29 minutes, CD-r, unstandart layout with use of graphic arts industry and wire. The first 29 copies were covered with sand.
Cold Heavy Electronics/Martial Avanguarde
War as a way to an internal devastation and dependence. Not understand hatred built in new discipline, detailed and frightening. 6 tracks, 29 minutes, CD-r, non-standard registration Cold Heavy Electronics/Martial Avanguarde Detailed in a disgustingly heavy sound from the BUNKER starting up blood through a pray of tank chains and dirt hashed with fury and despair. 4 plays concentrated antipathy. The winding of a prickly wire on an interior continues the project RYR, 2 steps to abyss and plague. Shades of soldiers. Dust...

BUNKER "The First document" (Russia) - 2006
11 tracks, 58 minutes, CD-r, unstandart layout from red paper
Heavy/Power Electronics
Immersing in a dense and grim atmosphere of the crude bunker. All is impregnated with a smell of death, violence and atrocity. An extreme sound will burn out last rests of humanity, and the poisonous votes will force to submit. It is necessary. Atonal electronic accords, dark melodies, hypnotic loops, catacomb phrase in Russian (!). Grim and adrenaline atmosphere. Monuments of fear and pressure. Themes from military genocide and antiselection up to some sexual deviations. Motivation for war, death and madness

ANTARKTIDA "Base 211" (Russia) - 2005
8 tracks, 39 minutes, 8 pages booklet A5 with personal art for each track
Ritual Industrial/Martial Avanguarde
Deep penetration into dark waters of occult technosophian Reich, accomplished by thr RYR, TCHERNOBLYAD and >O<, a mystical atmosphere of alchimical death connected wuth space vision of the unexplored spaces of the world and man. The secret of "Last Sacral King", project "Haunebu", operation "Valkiria" - mentioned themes by this collaboration. The UFOs, mysterious Arctic bases, experiences with space and time - all are found with a reality here. Cold industrial sound implicitly will subordinate consciousness to follow on North. Ritual beats and htonic frost, analog noise HELL, burning devices and raised classic.